leadership assessment

For most businesses of today, individual and team performance improvement is a given. Understanding what the current issues are and therefore where to focus developmental energies is a necessary first step.

evolve business can help you to:

  • provide a rigorous assessment of an individual’s current capability, potential and likely performance within a business context
  • undertake a team assessment so as to understand the performance strengths and anticipated development needs
  • design and implement both individual and team based development approaches to close any performance gaps

example case study

Retaining the best talent within a merger of global FMCG businesses

issue: integration of two businesses and retention of top talent within a business merger scenario.

our approach: designed and delivered a European leadership assessment programme including recommendations on job-person matching and leadership development.

my role: assessed senior leaders of both businesses, articulated their capabilities and supported personal development post merger.

results: two businesses have merged and have kept some of their best people to run the combined global business.

meeting your needs

My role can be adapted to meet your needs:

  • designer of development interventions
  • assessor of leaders and middle managers
  • I have the license to use Emotional Intelligence™ diagnostics, along with level A ability tests and level B aptitude tests, including MBTI™, 16PF™ and OPQ™
  • author of assessor reports
  • designer of development intervention
  • provider of feedback and coach for candidates to support their performance improvement