evolve enterprise is a business that helps you to test the water and see whether self-employment is for you. We are keen to work with you to assess your readiness for self-employment, and to help you to make a successful transition to being self employed.

We can do this through offering you:

  • coaching
  • workshops
  • practical guides

“We can work with you to assess your readiness for self-employment using the research-based questionnaire, Testing the Water®. This questionnaire can identify how set you are to make the transition to self employment, what strengths you have and what areas you may need to focus on to facilitate this transition.”

why work with us?

Our approach is

  • informed: built upon 18 months of research with Birkbeck College, University of London
  • client-centred: the client support is tailored to each specific client situation
  • practical: to encourage independence and self-sufficiency