evolve business is an organisational development consultancy that works with private businesses, public organisations and non-for profit institutions. I am keen to work with you to deliver valued solutions that will realise the potential of your people.

My delivery track record is working with individuals and teams of FTSE 100 businesses in the areas of:

  • leadership assessment
  • organisational development
  • outplacement

“We can work with you to improve your business performance through designing roles, teams and businesses and building capabilities that will help you to realise your strategic ambition.”

Cathy Brown, Company Director

why work with me?

My approach is

  • effective: being a seasoned professional, I can deliver value quickly and efficiently in business situations. I am keen to support clients in becoming self-sufficient.
  • informed: when working with clients, I can generate and share insights, as well as drawing upon experiences and approaches that have worked before. Being flexible, I can adapt to emerging situations.
  • evolving: I believe that it is important to stay at the leading edge of expertise development; every year I invest in my own development so as to keep abreast of these innovations.