practical guide

We know that many people feel stuck in their current situation, and have dreams of becoming their own boss.

If you look at those who have already made this transition, research shows that the transition can be made easier if certain things are taken into account, issues are considered and specific preparation made.

why practical guide?

We know that some clients prefer to learn, supplement their learning and to receive such support through reading. This is why this practical guide has been developed.

how it may help?

This practical guide may be helpful to you if:

you have always dreamt of becoming your own boss

  • you have toyed with the idea of setting up a business for a while
  • you are not sure if you are cut out for self-employment
  • you are on the brink of starting a small business

you have begun self-employment, but it is not working out as planned

  • you are having second thoughts about being self-employed
  • you feel like doing a personal MOT to get you back on track with your business
  • you are thinking about going back into employment

you are self-employed and you are looking to reinvent yourself

  • you have been successfully self-employed for a while
  • you want to change the direction of your business
  • you want to start a new business

where can I buy it?

The recommended retail price of this practical guide is £12.99.

It can be purchased from, Waterstones and all other book shops.

When ordering your copy, please quote the following details:

Testing the Water Is Self Employment for me?Testing the Water® Is Self Employment for me? – Practical Guide

By Cathy Brown
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 903 1 72 – 98 – 8
Published by Barny Books

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