transition coaching

Working with you to support you through a time of personal transition and change.

This may relate to any particular life transition, for example moving from education to work, or work to retirement. We will help you in setting your own objectives, and support you in achieving these objectives. It is likely that we will invest time prioritizing and understanding where it is best for you to focus. Typically this takes between three and six 60-minute sessions.

my capability

Within my work I undertake targeted research to understand what it takes to move successfully through different life transitions. These insights will inform how we work together, so that you benefit from this personally.

Whilst being at the HayGroup, I was a member of the coaching network. Here I worked with business professionals across many businesses, including BT, the Boots Group and Pfizer. My work involved helping them to look at ways of achieving their own personal goals within the work place. I hold the Certificate of Life Coaching from Newcastle College, written by Fiona Harrold, “the country’s top life coach” (Daily Mail).

potential benefits

  • achievement of personal ambitions
  • better relationships
  • increased financial security
  • increased empowerment
  • improved self esteem
  • more energy for life

find a coach

If you want to find a coach closer to you, here is a list of other licensed Testing the Water® coaches.

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