“I have worked with Cathy for a few years now and found her to be a truly inspirational coach and trainer. Recently I have spent time working with her on ‘finding your purpose’ which was hugely beneficial in helping me make some key decisions. Cathy has a natural ability to connect, she was in tune with my thoughts and feelings quickly which ensured that the facilitation of the session was paced well, relevant and extremely helpful. Cathy is a natural when it comes to unpicking content and getting to the core of what is really important. I know that I will continue to work with Cathy in the future and would highly recommend her within the coaching arena.”

Nicola Wood, Director, Child’s Time

“I wanted to email you an update on where I am with our 1 year plan! I can’t believe what a difference a year makes … and it’s all down to you! SO … I just finished my level 2 in Horticulture at Regents Park campus of Capel Manor College. However, another exciting development is that I have recently got a part time position in a job share at The Royal Holloway University running an art department on the Media Arts courses! I will be teaching a few classes and running my own department across 4 different courses. I can’t quite believe I got the job, but I know I can do it! I also ended up this year working on a show garden at Hampton Court Flower show! It was an amazing experience. The group that worked on the garden are planning a trip to the south of France for a gardening holiday! We are going in August and I can’t wait! I’m also toying with the idea of coming back via Paris and completing my pilgrimage to Giverny to see Monet’s garden which has been top of my list for decades! It really has been such a huge year or me- and it all seemed to slip into place really effortlessly! Cathy I really can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me, you’ve helped me so much. I feel that I am on the right life path now and who knows what will happen next!”

Helen Mooney

“I enjoyed it very much, I learnt so much out of it. I now know what I have to put in place.”

Angela Thorburn, Avis

“Inspirational stuff, really enjoyable. Content good and exercises too.”

Stephen Calcott, BBC

“I found the questionnaire useful that was sent out prior and this helped me to identify and address some of the issues at hand.”

“I gained useful insights into the realities of life after work.”

“I appreciated being asked to reflect in some detail about my hopes, fears and expectations of retirement. ”

“The work on visualising the life you love was very powerful.”

“Cathy provides an incredibly valuable insight from a wealth of experience … more”

Rex Lampier

“The coaching has also provided the confidence to investigate new areas of learning as well as take my business ideas to the next level.”

Rex Lampier

“I have enjoyed it – I rarely enjoy talking about my own experience. I have a better understanding of my needs and my colleagues. Let’s hope I can remember and put it into practice. “

Rosemary Parke, Loughborough Innovation Centre

“I have found the workshop to be very helpful, and has provided me with a better understanding of how we work and respond in certain situations. Very interesting!”

Annie Shearman, Loughborough Innovation Centre

“I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy. She gave me a series of career coaching sessions which far exceeded my expectations of what was possible. The sessions really got to the core of my issues and Cathy provided valuable insight, advice and techniques to help me move forward with the next stage of my career. She was thoughtful, supportive, clear and focused and spent a lot of time and energy on my behalf. She was friendly, relaxed and positive. The help she has given me has made a positive difference.”

Louise Angell, Assistant Content Producer, BBC

“Cathy is a fabulous person to work with. She is kind, insightful and generous with her ideas, concepts and clear thinking abilities. She makes progression fun , seamless and totally manageable. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cathy in numerous ways, from Gentle Touch Reflexology, book writing, career work and personal support. In every sphere she excels.”

Sue Ricks, Principal Lecturer, Reflexology

“Great fun, it was really really useful. A springboard to actions I need to do now for my husband and me.”

Jane Wheeler, Avis

“Very good – just at the right time – it would be good to review again at 9 months – 1 year before actual retirement date. It was good to have a mixture of ages as each person had different expectations.”

Nicki Fear, Avis

“I enjoyed it very much, I learnt so much out of it. I now know what I have to put in place. We all shared very well and talked it through.”

Angela Thorburn, Avis

“Enjoyable and interesting. It helped to focus the mind. Looked in a different way to giving up work. It is a new phase of life – not the end of your life. Cathy was relaxed, trustworthy, and a great listener.”

Jenny Lock, Avis

“A very positive course – very helpful. Thank you!”

Claudine Spera, BBC

“Inspirational stuff, really enjoyable. Content good and exercises too.”

Stephen Calcott, BBC

“The workshop has given me lots of useful things to think about and also some techniques for identifying what I wanted.”

Tom Sumner, BBC

“You have changed my life!”

Paula Smith, Cresco Innovation

“I recently had three coaching sessions with Cathy to spend time reflecting on my forthcoming retirement and to create a plan to practically manage the transition. Cathy’s approach was professional and planned. I felt that she considered my personal style and situation and tailored the sessions to my requirements. I really appreciated the time to focus on me and the preparation for the sessions ‘forced’ me to take the take to reflect and consider my situation (not something that I naturally do). The sessions were extremely valuable, I enjoyed thinking about my future and I feel very prepared for the next phase of my life.”

Gill Howe, Senior HR Business Partner, John Lewis