publication quotes

“The Testing the Water Career Guide is an excellent resource. I would certainly recommend this to anyone making the transition from education to employment.”

Katharine Edwards, Manager, BBC Careerlink

“This is a practical and highly accessible guide, designed for those taking their first steps into the world of work, which prompts them to take time to think and to explore the options which will be right for them.  Particularly valuable in today’s highly competitive employment market, it addresses the need of both young people and UK businesses to improve employability and promote work readiness.”

Claire Payton, Group Senior Talent Specialist, Co-operative Group

“Cathy has once again produced a practical and wholly accessible guide that will actually make a difference to those who use it.

Testing the Water provides guidance during a transition period for students in to professional workaday world. Many guides exist for students, for employees, for careers. However, Cathy Brown’s work addresses that transitional time, which is the most challenging for everyone. Much of the information contained in the career guide will surely serve even beyond.”

Justin C. Donne, Programme Executive, The Prince’s Trust

“A well thought out application for a role will help give the edge in a highly competitive market and will result in a positive step into the world of work for the individual.”

Hannah Thomson, HR Director, Safestore

“This is a great practical guide for students who aren’t sure what to do or, if they do know what they want, how to go about achieving it.  It contains great advice and tips, brilliant tools to help make decisions and is really easy to read and follow.  It is designed so that you can dip in and out and focus on the areas most relevant to you.  I wish something like this had been around when I was trying to decide what to do!”

Nicky Hill, HR Director, Gas and Turbine Services, Rolls Royce

“I heartily recommend it to anyone considering self employment.”

Phil Marriott, TaxAssist Accountants (Loughborough) Ltd

“Cathy Brown draws on a wealth of resources to create a really comprehensive guide to planning the next chapter of your life – and demonstrates that approached with careful planning, retirement can be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Katharine Edwards, Manager, BBC Careerlink Plus.

“The practical guide really could change your life. It is certain to be a best seller.”

Jo Derbyshire, Managing Director, Loughborough Innovation Centre

“If find this a very useful and practical book. I recommend it to anyone contemplating doing their own thing. I wish such a guide had been available when I was setting up my own business.”

Keith Harrison, Special Professor, Nottingham University Business School

“A great piece of practical, professional advice.”

Roger Bicknell, Managing Consultant, Career Management Consultants Ltd

“An essential guide that clearly demonstrates how planning for such a significant event can be truly life enhancing.”

Gill Howe,Senior Business Partner, John Lewis

“Cathy Brown has again hit the target with this essential guide to retirement. Her practical supportive guide provides an excellent map for this journey and is invaluable for the retiree and their family.”

Roger Bicknell, Managing Consultant CMC

“This is a comprehensive easy to read guide that is full of insights and practical tips. Everyone who reads the guide will find that they are taken on a delightful journey; and when they have completed it they will be amazed at their increased understanding of all the issues surrounding the transition into retirement.”

Stuart Royston, Chief Executive, Life Academy

“Cathy’s guide is a comfortable balance of both thought provoking and practical. There’s something in these pages that will strike a chord with each of us.”

Hannah Thomson, HR Director, Avis Rent A Car UK

“This really practical guide helps you think about all the different options open to you to enable you to really make the most of your time ahead. A very easy read that will I am sure open up new possibilities for everyone contemplating retirement.”

Nicky Hill,Director of Leadership and Organisational Development, Boots

“I think it is a great reference work as well as a practical guide in how to prepare for retirement and get the most out of it. I think it will be of interest to people contemplating retirement as well as those who have already retired and who may wish to reflect on what to do next.”

Jan Didrichsen, Interim Chief Executive, Hull City Council and Lincolnshire County Council

“What I like about this book is the way it recognises the range of the issues involved when people are facing retirement. This is based upon the principle that everyone’s journey will be different and the tools provided enable each individual to understand the challenges they are facing and the way they might be overcome.”

Martin Ryson,HR Director, Boston Borough Council