I write articles sharing thoughts and ideas relating to current issues facing my clients and enclose copies of them here. Please feel free to browse through:

finding our flow

Evolve Article Spring 2022 – Finding Our Flow – pdf

Understanding what we mean by flow, how it is beneficial and how to find flow within our life.

introducing the enneagram

Evolve Article Autumn 2021 – Introducing the Enneagram – pdf

Understanding what it is, where it originated and how to draw upon its wisdom to support our growth.

power of non-attachment

Evolve Article Summer 2021 – Power of Non-Attachment – pdf

Distinguishing non-attachment, understanding its benefits and exploring how to foster this for ourselves in our life.

dealing with uncertainty

Evolve Article Summer 2020 – Dealing with Uncertainty – pdf

Understanding uncertainty, activating hope and embracing change and new possibilities.

discovering our life purpose

Evolve Article Spring 2020 – Discovering our Life Purpose – pdf

Reconnecting with our true self, creating the conditions to flourish and clarifying our life purpose.

exploring the 100-year life

Evolve Article Autumn 2019 – Exploring the 100-Year Life – pdf

Understanding the 100-year life, why it’s important to consider and preparing ourselves for what it means.

evolution of careers

Evolve Article Spring 2019 – Evolution of Careers – pdf

Understanding and making sense of careers, and exploring our career decision-making.

building our career capital

Evolve Article Spring 2018 – Building Our Career Capital – pdf

Understanding career capital, why it is important and the benefits of building it within this changing world of work.

cultivating mental agility

Evolve Article Autumn 2017 – Cultivating Mental Agility – pdf

Understanding mental agility, the benefits of nurturing it and how we can use it for ourselves.

value of liminalityvalue-of-liminality-image

Evolve Article Autumn 2016 – Value of Liminality – pdf

Understanding liminality, its significance within our life transitions and how we can embrace it.

why identity mattersUntitled 2

Evolve Article Spring 2016 – Why Identity Matters – pdf

Understanding identity, the benefits of managing it and how we can use it for ourselves.

power of narrativePower of Narrative

Evolve Article Autumn 2015 – Power of Narrative – pdf

Understanding narrative, the benefits of applying it and how we can use it for ourselves.

Building Resiliencebuilding resilience

evolve Article Spring 2015 – Building Resilience – pdf

Understanding resilience, the benefits of cultivating it and how we can sustain ourselves.